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Refrigeration System Rack for the Biggest Vietnamese Supermarket in Houston!

By Jessica N.

Posted: 12/15/2020

COOLREF recently finished fabricating and delivering a customized large-sized COMBI FLEX Refrigeration System Rack for one of the biggest Vietnamese Supermarket in Houston, TX. This FLEX is designed for Medium and Low Temperature applications. It was manufactured carefully with all stainless steel frames for outdoor usage and durability for many years to come. The equipment is sized and selected upon the system capacity requirements and customer needs for safety priorities, lowering energy consumption and less maintenance (implementing some of the best technological advancements available in the industry, for example discus hermetic compressors, condenser with fan cycling controlled by pressure, and Emerson RX Control)

COOLREF also prepared many spare lines for the customers, in case they need to expand and add more display cages to their system in the future.

Thank you for choosing COOLREF to be a part of your project. We ensure to deliver the highest quality refrigeration system racks. Contact us via email: for a quote for your next project. Our engineering and service teams are happy to assist you!

To learn more about our product lines and the scope of work that we do, visit:

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