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COOLREF core values are our pride that helped our company grow significantly during the past years. The values, we currently hold and will keep striving, are becoming a break-through solutions provider, continuously increasing the product quality, and prioritizing safety.

Break-through solutions provider

COOLREF keeps innovating products to provide break-through solutions for the refrigeration systems. Our FLEX-refrigeration system rack provides our customers with benefits:

+ Remote monitoring of system performance

+ Digitally modulated compressor

+ Energy efficiency

+ Less maintenance

+ Outdoor use (custom)

+ Well-structured & lightweight frame

+ Ease for service

+ Space efficiency

+ Tailored for your project with specific compressor, condenser, and control features

Product quality

COOLREF commits to provide the highest quality of products. We ensure to do the right things in every step to manufacture a good product. What define our reputation about product quality are:

+ Understand our customer’s needs

+ Carefully size and select equipment using engineering concepts

+ Prioritize safety and energy-saving factors

+ Have a completed 3D design before manufacturing

+ Well-trained manufacturing team

+ Perform leak test and inspect the product quality carefully

+ Take responsibilities for our products: we offer warranty and maintenance services

Safety priority

COOLREF prioritizes the safety of its customers and employees. We choose materials, refrigerants, and equipment that do not impact human health and the environment. We provide safety training quarterly and ensure the safest manufacturing environment for our employees. We strive to contribute and make a better world while helping customers to build a better business.

COOLREF promises to continuously deliver these core values and strives for bigger goals. We stand behind our work and are responsible for the trust of our employees and customers.

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