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About Us

COOLREF is your reliable Refrigeration Manufacturing Company for refrigeration system racks and freezer doors with laser cutting capabilities.

We will provide you with an ease of mind in your project from system and parts selection to installation of the new refrigeration system. For a refrigeration system to be efficient, proper installation is key, because even the most sophisticated equipment can’t perform at peak efficiency unless it’s installed correctly by a team of highly skilled technicians.

Our product lines include refrigeration racks, custom-made freezer doors, custom freezer curtains, laser cut parts, and other refrigeration accessories sold by bulk quantities.

Refrigeration systems come in a variety of models suitable for large and small-scale facilities. Those systems with digital compressors can self-regulate; hence, they help save on electricity and require less maintenance.


Our freezer doors with NSF certifications (C0549749 & C0549750) are available at different sizes and materials (such as Aluminum or Stainless Steel) based on your specs. The doors look good, are sturdy and can last for years. They can close automatically, without pressing, and can be used with or without floor insulation.


Freezer curtains feature our new hook design, which ensures they stay in place even when forklifts pass by. We can customize the curtains to the curvature of your wall.


Our laser cut machine has 2000 W laser capacity and can cut through steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. We offer a quick turn-around time, detailed work, and competitive pricing.

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