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COOLREF Product Look Up Tool is Now Available - August News Letter

By Olivia P. 𑁦 Posted: 08/06/2020

Dear customer,

Your product’s specifications and warranty terms are now available to look up on COOLREF website. If you would like to know more about your purchased refrigeration system rack or freezer/cooler door, visit to look up your product information.

You only need to provide your product type (e.g. refrigeration system rack or freezer/cooler door) and the product serial number. All primary specifications, such as product dimension, weight, refrigerant type used, electrical type, compressors and condenser’s brand and model number, are listed clearly for an ease of warranty, maintenance or replacement parts. If you have any troubles while searching for your product’s specs, please contact us via

COOLREF warranties at least one (1) year (or more if the customer purchases the extended warranty for the compressor) from the date the product was started up, but not to exceed 15 months from the date of factory shipment. Warrant claims can be submitted here. We are happy to assist you.

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