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FLEX Refrigeration System Rack is ready to be installed today!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

By Olivia Pham 𑁦 Posted: 06/23/2020

COOLREF is a refrigeration manufacturing company, who provides break-through solutions for refrigeration system racks. Our mission is to design the innovative refrigeration system racks that meet customer requirements and lower energy consumption. We recently finished fabricating a customized FLEX Refrigeration System Rack and it is ready to be installed at Harris County Farm (Location: Houston, TX 77049)

The frame for this rack is made of stainless steel, which is structural and appropriate for outdoor usage. It offers an ease to access due to smart design of standard lightweight removable doors. This design consists of four Semi Hermetic compressors from Copeland Emerson with one digital compressor that is self-regulated. Utilizing a digital compressor is a worthwhile investment for this type of rack system because it has a programmable control system that can adjust itself from 10% to 100%, matching the required load. This makes the system more energy efficient because unlike traditional compressors that only run full on or full off.

COOLREF offers refrigeration system rack fabrication, installation service and refrigeration accessory supply. Contact us via email: for a quote for your next project. Our engineering and service teams are happy to assist you!

To learn more about our product lines and the scope of work that we do,

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