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COOLREF Slide Door is designed for both walk-in cooler and freezer. Our slide doors are certified with NSF that ensures the sanitation and safety to be used for the food industry.

Slide door is recommended for large door size that its height is larger than 86" and its width is larger than 60"


  • NSF certified

  • Automatically closed

  • Can be used with or without floor insulation

  • Safe for food and workers

  • Structural fabricated

  • Tailor specifically for your needs



  • Aluminum

  • White-coated aluminum

  • Stainless Steel

  • Door frame heater (for freezer only)

  • Accessories: pull handle, hinges, closer

  • Aluminum Diamond Kickplate (optional)


  • Height: from 86” to 120”

  • Width: from 60” to 120”

  • Thickness: 4”


Model no. SL(1)(2)(3)(4)-(5)(6)(7)

(1): Door material (AL for Aluminum, AW for Aluminum with white coating, and SS for Stainless Steel) 

(2): number of sides around the Swing doors (3 for door with 3 sides that is without floor insulation, 4 for door with 4 sides that is with floor insulation). For Slide Doors, it will always be 4 sides. 

(3): door functioning (C for Cooler and F for Freezer) 

(4): foam thickness (4 for 4 inches, 5 for 5 inches, and 6 for 6 inches of insulated foam) 

(5): door dimensions (Width x Height in inches) 

(6): side of open for Slide Doors (LO for Left Opening and RO for Right Opening)

(7): D for doors with diamond plates at the bottom of the front and the back side. For kick in purpose. This is optional


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