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New Design of Curtain Set for Walk-in Cooler and Freezer

Curtain set is made of vinyl strips with designed hooks that allow your business lower energy loss by insulating your walk-in cooler/freezer. It helps to minimize the cooled air travel to the environment, thus maintain the temperature, humidity, and sanitation inside your walk-in cooler/freezer.

The curtain strips work as a closed door and only open to the size of the object entering. The vinyl strips are mostly transparent and the hooks are designed to hold the strips in place when large objects, even the forklift, pass by. Therefore, the curtain set will help to reduce energy bills but still ensure your system temperature with an ease of access.

COOLREF, LLC. manufactures these high quality curtains with standard length of 8 ft or they can be custom made upon request. A full curtain set includes strips, hook plates, screws, and installation instruction. The style is very easy and quick to install with basic tools required.

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